Welcome to Baby Trippin’!

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When I found out I was pregnant with Myles, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that Gage and I would quickly become those parents who blissfully tote their baby along on frequent trips and adventures. No diaper changes, feedings or sleepless nights were going to stand in our way of continuing our mid-twenties’ wanderlust in full stride. Plus, I loved the idea of Myles growing up seeing different parts of the country—or the world—and later becoming a fearlessly well-traveled adult. Win-win, right?


Well, on July 20, baby Myles finally entered this world. He was small, soft and sweet, and absolutely perfect. I knew I’d love him, yet nothing could have prepared me for how much I’d love him. But as fast as Myles came into my world, my dreams of traveling with him were quickly fleeting. The thought of bringing this little angel to the grocery store terrified me, let alone taking him across the country, or the world! I was completely overwhelmed with anxieties. What if I can’t feed him? Where will I change him? What about the germs? The GERMS?!

For a while, I couldn’t even think about continuing to pursue the travel-filled life I thought we’d have. But I soon realized the only way to get past this paralyzing fear was to push myself out of my comfort zone and rely most on my three passions for support—my growing family, writing and yes, traveling.

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I know I’m not alone in suffering from a baby-induced fear of traveling, so I’m making this blog a resource for parents who want to get out with their young kids, regardless of all the bad things that could happen. Traveling as a family can be anything but easy, but with a little prep and a lot of patience, it turns out to be a gift you can’t afford to miss.

So please, come in, explore the blog, share your experiences and most of all—start getting out there!



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